Stairlifts Yeovil

Are you considering installing stairlifts in Yeovil or the surrounding areas? Well, we can help you arrange installations as we are recognised Acorn Stairlift partners. Stairlifts help you regain access to your home, and the solutions from Acorn can adapt to fit any space. Whether straight or curved, a motorised lift can negotiate staircases of all layouts. Furthermore, you can even purchase outdoor installations for accessing terraced gardens or tackling steep drives for example. From private properties to care homes, hotels and shared accommodation, stairlifts help to make every floor accessible again. Additionally, we have models available for both purchase and hire depending on your requirements. Contact us via telephone or you can also visit our local mobility shop for more information or for a quote.

Independence In Your Home

Independence in your home is important for your mental wellbeing in addition to restoring your independence. Stairlifts allow you to comfortably access the upper floors and restore the use of your property. However, our top priority is to provide a wide range of mobility aids, designed to make every aspect of life a little easier. Therefore, in addition to stairlifts in Yeovil and surrounding areas, we also supply:

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts are the industry leaders in providing innovative stair mastery. As a result of their ingenuity and dedication to keeping people mobile, Acorn stairlifts now grace homes and businesses across the globe. Casterbridge Care & Mobility are Acorn partners, so you can come to us to discuss the product range and place an order.

The Benefits Of Acorn Stairlifts

Some of the benefits of Acorn Stairlifts include:

Stairlift FAQs

We have collated our most common stairlift FAQs to answer your most pressing questions. For anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team for assistance!

Acorn Stairlifts are custom made to fit your staircases. As such, quotations are provided on a case by case basis. However, prices are competitive and quotations are free with no obligation. So, contact us directly to arrange a home assessment and find out the cost of stairlift installation for your property.

Installation is also dependent on your property and the size and layout of your equipment. Therefore, prices are available following a free home visit to assess your needs.

Stairlifts travel at a safe and comfortable speed of no more than 0.34 miles per hour. Therefore, you can feel secure and in complete control at all times.

Yes. Stairlifts are safe and secure, manufactured to the highest safety specifications and installed by professional Acorn engineers. Furthermore, they are equipped with many safety features for your peace of mind, including:

  • Seatbelts
  • Emergency stop functions
  • Optional hinged rails to prevent trips
  • Armrests for stability
  • Slow and controlled speeds

Acorn Stairlifts do not use copious amounts of energy. So, there is no need to fret about your electricity bills. For comparison, Acorn state that their equipment uses a similar amount of power as a small TV on standby.

Yes. Stairlifts are custom-made to fit your home, so can be tailored to any length. However, alterations must be made by a trained professional to ensure they remain safe and fully-operational.

Acorn have an outdoor stairlift option for use on steep inclines and outdoor stairways. These are specially designed for exterior use and are fully adaptable to fit any space. Contact Casterbridge Care & Mobility to discuss the various models available.

Stairlifts are mounted on a single track that is fitted directly to your staircase. It is then controlled by the user via an electrically powered toggle fitted to the armrest or with a handheld remote control.

Acorn’s equipment has foldaway options available, in order to save space and provide discretion. Therefore, stairlifts can be adapted to fit almost any space without imposing on your home. Speak to us today to arrange a visit from an Acorn specialist, who can assess your home and give a free quotation.

Yes. We have an Acorn Stairlift demonstration model in store so you can try before you buy.

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Areas we cover include Castle Cary, Dorset, Dorchester, Gillingham, Glastonbury, Street, Sherborne, Shaftesbury and Wincanton. So, no matter your location, you can come to Casterbridge Care & Mobility to regain access throughout your home! Visit us in-store or contact the team to discuss stairlifts in Yeovil or anywhere within a 30-mile radius!