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Casterbridge Care & Mobility supply powerchairs and wheelchairs in Yeovil and throughout the surrounding area. We have numerous examples on display in our showroom, as well as options available for order. You can visit our store to try out our demo models and discuss product specifications with an experienced member of our team. Whether you require a self-propelled, electric or assisted wheelchair, a powerchair, or rollators and walking aids, we can assist. So, pay our mobility shop a visit today to browse our models or place your order.

Electric Wheelchairs

We supply both electric wheelchairs and assistance systems from some of the top wheelchair producers. Explore our range of:

Power Chairs

Power chairs, also known as ‘electric wheelchairs’ are ideal for getting out and about and we have options that can even tackle tougher terrains. Not to mention, a motorised mobility chair can make far more places accessible to you. Easy to transport as well as suitable for adapted vehicles, power chairs are a great way to take back your independence. Furthermore, we have plenty of optional extras to customise your chair and make it work for your lifestyle, such as baskets and walking stick brackets for running errands.

Wheelchair Power Packs

Alternatively, a wheelchair power pack can make attendant-propelled chairs more manageable. When fitted, these systems can make pushing and manoeuvring wheelchairs easier. A perfect energy saver if you are caring for someone and like to get out and about frequently.

Manual Wheelchairs

We also stock a wide selection of manual wheelchairs, only sourced from the most reliable, well-known manufacturers, choose from:

Attendant Propelled Wheelchairs

Attendant propelled wheelchairs are suitable for both a domestic and clinical setting and we are able to cater for both. Lightweight and easy to transport, these manually operated chairs are designed to be pushed by a carer and are not suitable for self-propulsion. As a result, they are commonly used for hospital trips, outings or transit purposes, in conjunction with an electric or self-propelled model or a mobility scooter.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs are self-operated and are lightweight in design to make them easier to manoeuvre. They are also transportable, collapsing down to compact dimensions for easy transit. Your comfort is our top priority, therefore we encourage you to try out our demo models in store to ensure you get the perfect chair for your needs.

Wheelchair Hire

Need a short term solution? We can provide wheelchair hire locally at affordable prices. Whether you need support for a few days, several weeks or even a number of months we can provide temporary solutions to get you through. Hiring a wheelchair in Yeovil is perfect for use while recovering from an injury or illness, or for use while visiting the area.

Wheelchair FAQs

See our wheelchair FAQs for answers to popular queries. Alternatively, pop in store or call a member of the team for more information on purchasing or hiring a wheelchair.

No, power packs are not designed to convert manual self-operated models but to assist attendants with transit. If you want more speed from your wheelchair take a look at our power chairs in-store.

The cost of a wheelchair will vary depending on the make and model you choose. We have models to suit most budgets, so speak to a member of the team to discover affordable solutions.

A free quotation for wheelchair hire is available on request. Prices will vary depending on the duration.

Absolutely! We have plenty of models in store for you to try before you buy. Alternatively, we can arrange trials subject to availability. Speak to us in-store for more information.

Of course, we can arrange delivery of your new wheelchair, as well as demonstrate safe operation, storage and cleaning.

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