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Mobility Aid Yeovil

Do you require mobility aid in Yeovil? Casterbridge Care & Mobility stock a huge selection of living aids, equipment and gadgets to make life more manageable. From hoists, rails and slings through to toileting equipment and kitchen gadgets, we have thousands of products on display. Our priority is your comfort and independence, so no matter your requirements our experienced team will go above and beyond to find you the right support. From walking and sitting to bathing and dining, we have supplies for every need. Furthermore, we also have a variety of gadgets and tools specifically designed for medical conditions, such as arthritis. So, why not pay us a visit and take a look at our impressive selection today?

Living Aids

Living aids are designed to assist with day to day activities that may have become more challenging. Therefore, we are proud to offer:

Walking Aids

We have plenty of equipment to help keep you on your toes both indoors and out. For temporary use following illness or injury as well as long term support, we have plenty of variations to suit your individual needs. The walking aids we stock include:

Bathing and Toileting Equipment

Our store is well stocked with equipment to assist with bathroom activities, including:

Kitchen Aids

Our range of kitchen aids simplify food and drink preparation and aid independent living. We also supply devices designed for arthritic hands to reduce pain and restore independence. Kitchen gadgets include:

Home Safety Aids

We also stock a variety of home safety aids for a range of applications to support independent living and protect against injuries. These include:

Living Aid FAQs

See below for answers to a selection of our most common living aid FAQs. Additionally, our team are just a phone call away if you need more information regarding our product range.

Yes. Here at Casterbridge Care & Mobility, we stock a variety of tools and gadgets for arthritis hands including tin openers, cutlery and gardening equipment. Contact us for more information on our selection.

We have a wide range of seating aids available including support cushions, lumbar supports and wedges for a more comfortable sleeping and seating position.

Footstools can be used to elevate limbs and alleviate discomfort. Not to mention, we are stockists of Cosyfeet footwear, specifically formulated for swollen feet. We have plenty of products that may be able to help reduce swelling or make you more comfortable. So, please contact us for more information.

We do supply patients with living aids as prescribed by the NHS. If you are entitled to access support products for ill health or injury please speak to your medical practitioner.

With so many mobility aids available, costs will vary depending on product type and quantities. However, we keep our prices as low as possible and stock plenty of variety. So, we are sure to have something that meets your budget.

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For mobility aid in Yeovil and surrounding areas, to assist with walking, comfort, food preparation, bathing, toileting and all other needs, call or visit us today. We have countless products available in store so head on down and take a look.